Private Sales

An expert farm to farm sales service

Not every private sale is advertised online. If you are looking for something in particular please get in touch with our fieldsmen.

Store Cattle

Angus Bulls

Aberdeen Angus Bulls


Warranted Right for Stock 


300 Ewes with Lambs at Foot

Mainly 4t Ewes

Continental x, Dorset & Dorset x

Big strong Ewes 

With Charollais x Lambs at Foot

Approx 150% Lambing

For Sale in Convenient sized lots if required within reason

Sensibly Priced

Prime Cattle / Cull Cows

30 British Friesian Bulling Heifers


Very well grown

Catalan Sired


Store Cattle

In-Calf Heifers

20 Red Roan Beef Shorthorn In-Calf Heifers 

Due June to a Saler Bull


British Blue

British Blue Steers & Heifers


Well Reared

Sensibly Priced

Suckler Cows

Genuine Dispersal 19 Pure Bred Highland Cows & 6 Bulling Heifers. Running with Pedigree Angus Bull Due this Summer. All From 4 Yearly Testing parish. Deivery can be arranged.


Reared Calves to Order

We can arrange the rearing of calves to order,...any number and any breed can be supplied. 

Prime Cattle / Cull Cows

Young Stores - Steers & Heifers

Angus x, Hereford x & British Blue x Steers & Heifers 3-5 months, well reared & sensibly priced.

Breeding Bulls

1 Pedigree Hereford Bull Cato 1 Plutarch DOB 24.01.2017 (See attached image below) Checs Cattle Health Scheme,Bvd accredited & Johnes Level 1. A further two Bulls of this type are also availiable.

5 Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Breeding Bulls. 17 Months, £2000 each.